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Label printing . RW-UVAC301-30
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UV inks . RW-UVA301-30
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UV Oven . RW-UVAOP301-10
offset UV . RW-UVA1004-80
Glass Desk . RW-UVA502-50HSK
Plastics UV . RW-UVAX304-20
3D UV Cure . RW-UVAX504-36
IR UV oven . RW-IR/UVAX1008-50
UV inks . RW-UVA301-30


uv equipment

Model : RW-UVA301-30       

Scope of Application : UV glue,  UV inks, UV gloss ink ;

Small, economic and practical as it's selling point,suit for small batches, trial production or used  in small enterprise and also is welcomed in painting, glue manufacturers for research and development . 

Performance Features:

Portable and small with one UV lamp installed,which is suitable for operation line and also handwork;
Easy to operate; one of mass production models,components selected  are standardized; simple operation and maintenance with low cost;
Reasonable exhaust design with effective cooling system;
Speed can be set free within the effective scope .

Technical Parameters :

Power Supply : 380VAC 3-phase 5 lines / 50HZ
Total Power : about 3.5KW
Dimension : 1300 L× 570W x 1280H mm 
Speed Range: 0-10 m/min
Radiation Width : 300mm
Conveyor Belt Material : 304 # UV stainless steel belt or Telfon
Cooling Manner : air cooling 
UV Lamp Type : high-pressure mercury lamp
Unit Length Power  : 100w/cm
UV Lamps:3KW*1pcs (RW5 - Lamp Holder)
Lamp Life : 600hours , over 75% intensity.
Main Wavelength: 365nm (nanometer) 
Intenstiy Adjustment : 100% full power
Typical Features : two UV light source
Typical Application : adapted to the requirements of non-explosion-proof environment

Application Cases : watches, keyboard, experiment, UV ink for printing, electronic products,  UV glue and so on



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