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Cool uv system . RW-UV.3BP
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Cool uv system . RW-UV.3BP


cool uv system

■  Model : RW-UV.3BP

■  Application : UV glue,  IMD UV curing

Desktop UV system, is one of the machines for production line,exacte operation,samll and exquisite design,high-intensity UV radiation and low-temperature characteristics. The first generation of RW-UV.2BP, exported to Europe since 2003, and was hightly appreciated and heavy purchase by most foreign enterprises .

■  Performance Features:

● Eexact manufacture,small exquisite dimension,also light for carry , and very suitable for the operation line, particularly for     narrow electronic, LED and IMD product                                                                                                                                                         Adapt HMI and PCL control, operator can receive  information directly from PLC interface.
The UV lamp is imported from America, average lifetime is more than 1,000 hours, performance stability.
Input and output with unti-UV device. Humanity design according to operators working habits.
Optical reflector and reasonable cooling system,effective cooling with lower dynamic temperature. suit for high-intensity  
ultraviolet output, low-temperature curing conditions.

■  Technical Parameters :

         Power Supply:     220VAC/ 50HZ
           Total Power :     2.2KW     120w/cm
             Dimension :     1100 L × 330W x 630H mm
         Speed Range:     0-10m/min
    Radiation Width :     150mm
        Conveyor Belt :     stainless steel belt
     Cooling Manner:      air cooling
       UV Lamp Type:     high-pressure mercury lamp from USA
              UV Lamps:     2kw*1pc (RW5 - Lamp Holder)
              Lamp Life :     1000hours , over 75% intensity.
    Main Wavelength:     365nm (nanometer)
      Intensity control:     50% 75% and 100%
    Typical Features :     Dichroic reflector, Touchscreen PLC/HMI control .
 Typical Application:     Curing UV glue, IMD UV curing , adapted to the requirements of non- explosion-proof environment.

   ■  Application : micro-motors, stepper motors, electrical motors, IMD/LED products .......



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