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offset UV . RW-UVA1004-80

offset UV

Model : RW-UVA1004-80  

Scope of Application : UV ink  UV glossy ink

Be matched with Offset machine or printing facilities, widely used in printing machines belongs to  Unit curing .
Multi-lamp device with wide conveyor, fast speed is the basic feature,and designed for avoiding sheet drift by high-speed operation , with suction structure below for air cooling.
since 1999, this model is popular in many printing industries.

Performance Features :

Multi-lamps deviced, and  each lamp can be controlled respectively;
wild conveyor with, completely overcome PVC pieces drift on the fast speed conveyor;
Dimension is suit for the Offset Printing machine . balanced convey and diffrent thick  or demension pieces for  UV curing.Include UV ink ,UV glossy ink.Electricity and transmission parts are controlled  independently.Cases of UV lamp  and  components are standard, replacement and maintenance of UV lamp are simple and convenient.
changable wheels device for working position.

Technical Parameters :

Power Supply : 380VAC 3-phase 5 lines /50HZ
Total Power : about 34KW
Dimension : 2960 L x 1270W  x 1650H mm 
Speed Range : 10-60 m/min
Radiation Width : 1000mm (mm)
Conveyor Belt Material : Telfon
Cooling Manner: air cooling
UV Lamp Type : high-pressure mercury lamp
Unit Length Power : 80w/cm
UV Lamps: 8KW*4pcs (RW5 - Lamp Holder)
Lamp Life : According to RW-dx06 accelerate equivalent test, Average lifetime 600 (h)hour, the power of UV lamp is no less than 80%.
Main Wavelength: 365nm (nanometer)
Intensity Adjustment : 100% full power
Typical Features : aluminum reflectors, multi-lamp installed with  high-speed and wild conveyor.
Typical Application : UV ink

Application Cases : tobacco and wine packaging.



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