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ISO9001:2000 Manufacturer.
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ISO9001:2000 Manufacturer
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       RUNWING CO.,LTD, founded in Shenzhen, in 1997. We are an professional enterprise of research , manufacture UV industrial application system and other equipments concerned.From initial time, we are only a workshop type factory for process, at that time, we have to purchase UV machine in order to guarantee the basic production condition. Because of lacking funds, we need to try and use successful experience for reference, and at the end,we made several sets of UV machine depending on ourself ability, they are so practical although they are simple.   Therefore, it gives us the breaked gene and guides the growth way for today’s Runwing by metamorphosis from a workshop.

       We completely growed from a company based on zero groundwork, with self-confidence, assiduous research,and pure-hearted innovation spirits.it destines our healthy mentality characters of aspirant, natural and ordinary enterprise atmosphere.We are proud of all of these characters, and regard them as important cultures all the time.

         Because of getting the better economic and social achievement, we were evaluated as one of the first group of ten "Key Service Corporation" by Shenzhen city mayor in 1999, also certified as constant affairs director of " Shenzhen promotion association for small and medium enterprises ". The company’s management and products rise to a new grade after getting certification of ISO9001 in 2000. we became the constant affairs director of RadTech China in 2004.The same year, we bought field and built a modern and gardenesque industrial park ourselves, It is not only for enlarge production but also exhibit RUN WING man’s value.

        Today's RUN WING owns cumulative UV field experience.  With the preternatural team- spirit, we can provide functional, credible and new technical systems. There are more than ten varieties of series derive from the standard products and they are widely used in electron, optical fiber, LCD, silk-screen printing, packing and other fields.
        We are known and regarded among craft brother companies and even in the world today. we own business the cases in exporting for Euramerican developed countries directly and indirectly, even though established good business relationship with them.
        From the beginning ,we only sell more than ten machines,and today, more than thousands machines reliably work for multitudinous famous enterprises in the world,Such as PHILIPS, HUAWEI, FOXCONN,VALEO, FUJI, HELLA…..
 With persisting in honest traditional moral, and enthusiastic about new technology, we are now one of the rapidly developed companies. 

       To create products based on characters, push development by innovation  and shape future by quality is our management motto.  We are fully confident that we can satisfy our clients with specialization and supply high quality products and services.




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