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UV device . RW-UV.70201
UV Flexographic . RW-UV.4LP260 / LP330
Cool uv system . RW-UV.3BP
Cool UV system . RW-UVADP502-50
Label printing . RW-UVAC301-30
UV Spot cure . RW-UVAΦ200U(4)
UV Led Spot Cure . RW-UV LED2504
UV inks . RW-UVA301-30
PCB products . RW-UVA1006L-80YX
Offset uv . RW-UVAF504-50
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Wood UV . RW-UVA1304-100
UV Coating . RW-UVA301-20
UV painting . RW-UVA302-30
UV Oven . RW-UVAOP301-10
offset UV . RW-UVA1004-80
Glass Desk . RW-UVA502-50HSK
Plastics UV . RW-UVAX304-20
3D UV Cure . RW-UVAX504-36
IR UV oven . RW-IR/UVAX1008-50
Label printing . RW-UVAC301-30



■  Model : RW-UVAC301-30

■  Scope of Application : UV curing ink,  UV Coating

After printing, simplex UV system could  work together with label printing machine, and respond rapidly for accepting signal of printing stop system mounted .it will start the energy-efficiect function and choose the lowest output power automatically for avoiding good quality of the printing product destroied without signals .small exquisite design and easy  operation.  It is the universal model  that  worked with label printing machine.

■  Technical Parameters :

Power Supply :   380VAC 3-phase 5 lines (AC) 50HZ
Total Power :    4.5KW (kW)
Dimension :  1500 L x  570W x 1250H mm
Speed Range :  0.1-50 m/min
Radiation Width :  300mm
Cooling Manner :  air cooling
UV Lamp Type:  high-pressure mercury lamp
Unit  Power : 120w/cm.
UV Lamp :   3kw*1pcs (RW5 - Lamp Holder).
Lamp Life  :  1000hours , over 75% intensity.
Main Wavelength:  365nm (nanometer)
Intensity Adjustment : 50% 75% and 100%
Typical Features : metal reflector
Typical Application : ultraviolet (UV) ink, adapted to the requirements of non-explosion-proof environment.

■  Application Cases :Curing ink for label...... 




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