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UV Energy test . UV Integrator140


UV 140

It is RUNWING original design, and with patent for checking , ZL 2006 3 0307499.7

■   Model: UV Integrator140

■  Used for testing UV  dose
    in chemistry Testing,LCD,PCB,    Fiber,electrics,Lens,medical machine,printing.....

■  Technology data:

   Wave length: UV 250-410nm
Intensity range:   0~5,000mw/cm2
    Dose range:     0~999,999mj/cm2
             Battery:   AAA
               Power:   100μA
      Battery life:     one year
       Dimension:   φ140x20H mm
             Weight:    450g
             Display:   1inch
    Temperatrue:    0~45℃ room Temp.
          Condition:  10 s based on 110℃
    Certification :   one year

    International  Quality Certification:

     CE certification:  BT0804011003    FCC Certification:  BTFC0804015002

--------------Original design:

                                   original design




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